Life in Todos Santos…So Far

Well once we got to Todos Santos we decided it would be the perfect place for us to settle down for a bit. Its a great little community with lots of nice helpful people. Plus it is the perfect place for us to use as a “home base” while we travel around the rest of Southern Baja.

The first thing we noticed when we got into the outskirts of Todos Santos was all the green!  Now we are lucky enough that it has been raining, so we haven’t been traveling through barren dry desert, but when we saw all of the palm trees and mango trees we knew we were going to love this place.

Todos Santos is an oasis in the middle of desert.  It is bordered to the East by mountains and the the west by Ocean. There is a little town right in the thick of all the lush greenery and many of the homes in Todos Santos are on the outskirts in the desert. For how small the town is, it is BIG in personality.  There are numerous art galleries that you can meander through during the afternoon when it starts to cool and there are also 65 dining options.  In this little town there are sooo many different places to eat, it really is amazing.  There is also an Ice Cream Parlor that has some pretty fabulous ice creams and sorbets. Last time we went Jamie got a scoop of the lemon Rosemary sorbet. Its was so good and very refreshing.

Three days after we arrived in Todos Santos we met with Rohda, a property manager here in Todos Santos and good friend of Robert and Martine. She showed us this cute little casita called Casa Elegante and we fell in love! We told her right then and there that we wanted to rent it for a month.  It is located in the Las Tunas area in Todos Santos about a 10 minute, slow, bumpy ( starting to notice a trend?) drive to town one way and a 10 minute walk to the beach the other.

Instead of just writing about our days here I thought it would be more fun to show you our life here in Todos Santos in pictures! Hope you enjoy!

Peak-a-boo! The first night in town we slept on the roof under the stars at Robert & Martine’s pad.

Robert and Martine are housesitting for some friends of theirs. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

We spent the first few days camping at the beach and using the internet at Casa Moro, another house that Martine and Robert are watching for the same couple. The woman, Michelle, is an architect and her husband Juan run the construction agency. Together they have designed and built multiple homes in the Todos Santos area.

Jamie and Reina waiting for me to take our evening stroll on the beach.

Our little campsite at Playa La Pastora.

La Pastora

A regular occurrence. The sunsets at La Pastora are breathtaking.

Our little Casita Sobre Ruedas sobre de los arboles mangos! I have no idea if thats correct… 🙂 At Casa Moro.

Our set up at Casa Moro, not bad!

Once we got tired of having to pack up camp every morning and drive to the internet at a house that we unfortunately didn’t have the keys for ( use your imagination on that one). We decided to look into renting a house. Next thing we knew it we had the keys to this little casita!

Our home for the next month! Casa Elegante

We can park the 4runner under a little shade which is nice when Jamie needs to work on the truck.

The 4runner looks so bare without all the boards on top!

Every morning we get up early and go for a run through the desert. There is an awesome trail that we follow. We have only run into people once, its so peaceful.

Reina and I hitting the trails!

Watchout!! Jamies having some fun on our morning run. 🙂

The sunset from the roof at Casa Elegante isn’t too shabby either…

Beautiful sunset from the roof of our home!

One more for good measure… 🙂

We are loving every minute of our stay here in Todos Santos. It is truly a Magical Town!