Annnd We’re off!

Well, since this is the first post, lets start from the beginning and give you all a brief overview of the last 2 ½ years that have gotten Jamie and I to this point, just a few days away from the trip of our lifetimes. Two and a half years ago Jamie asked me to take a trip with him. What started out as a backpacking trip quickly turned into a driving trip down the Pan-American Highway ending in Panama, Central America.  Throughout the past two years we have purchased and outfitted a 1988 Toyota 4runner.  Jamie has sold his interest in and I quit my perfectly good job in the Hotel industry.  I have also paid off all of my student loans and credit card debt, which is a dream come true in and of itself.  Like a breath of fresh air I am officially debt free!

Within the past two months we have made a few unexpected and exciting additions to our trip.  The first, and most important in my eyes, is the addition of a crew member.  Her name is Reina and she is a little 5 month old puppy we picked up at the Ocean Beach Dog Festival.  She is just precious and loves the car! More on Reina in the next post.

Second, (after much debate and maybe a little coaxing from Jamie’s friend Scott), we decided to take two paddleboards with us.   We have been plotting our route and noticed that there are quite a few bays and secluded beaches that we can explore more easily with the boards. Plus they are one hell of a workout that we can both enjoy.  Jamie is an avid surfer so he picked up this whole paddle boarding thing pretty quickly.  I, on the other hand have had a bit of a tough time staying on the board and have the bruises to prove it, but I look forward to practicing in the beautiful warm waters of Southern Baja, Mexico and Central America.

Jamie has also spent the past two months finalizing and prepping the 4runner.  We decided to lower the bed in the back to add more head space and also added about two feet of space at the foot of the bed for Reina.  We want to make sure that everything is in tip top shape before we leave.

As for our route, we have all of Baja and most of Mexico mapped out. We are trying to keep the plans as loose as possible.  The whole idea of our trip is to take things as slow as we can. Also, we don’t plan on heading into South America so that gives us about a year to explore all of Mexico and Central America.  We are planning on staying in locations that we fall in love with for extended periods of time, rather than just passing through and telling ourselves that we’ll “make it back eventually”.  We want to really soak in everything and get a better understanding of the culture. Luckily, I have family in Mexico and we are planning on staying with them for a bit to brush up on our Spanish before we head further South.

The past 2 ½ years have actually flown by, funny how years start moving faster the older we get huh?  We are finally ready to make the jump and start our adventure we have been prepping and planning for.  We hope that you will enjoy reading about our experiences on the road and please keep in touch!


5 thoughts on “Annnd We’re off!

  1. YO!How is it? Si tiene problemas, llamame muy pronto. Requerdan uds. que yo estaba listo para venir a Mexico y Costa Rica. Ademas yo puedo hablar espanol y puedo ensenarles mucho.
    Sorry about the accent marks. I am sure you can figure out what I am saying.

  2. I agree with Greg thank you for putting this together baby. Jamie your entire family are great and we are glad we had a chance to meet them. Last night mom and I both asked did you feed the dogs?
    Live your dreams!!!
    Hope this post sticks last one disappeared???

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