Going Away Party

A few days before we left my parents were nice enough to throw Jamie and me a going away party.  There were so many people that we wanted to see and not enough time to see everybody individually, so it was pretty awesome to have everybody in one place at one time.

On Saturday we got all the fixins together to throw ourselves a feast of pollo and carne asado tacos, homemade Spanish rice and pinto beans, and fresh salsas using tomatoes and peppers straight from our garden.  It was a perfect summer day with the kids splashing in the pool and all of our closest friends lounging about in the shade.

I’ve picked some of my favorite pictures from the day. Enjoy!

Thank you to those that traveled from afar and to those close to us for coming and seeing us off! You are all truly the best people in our lives and we couldn’t have made this dream a reality without your love and support!

Love ya!


2 thoughts on “Going Away Party

  1. I am so glad I was there!! Simion and I are cracking open the red wine with some steaks tonight…I’ll be thinking about you!! Hope your trip is off to an amazing start!! XO ~831~

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