7 Days, One Spot, Scorpion Bay

We set up camp in Scorpion Bay for exactly 7 days and it was a blast.

Days were spent surfing and sunbathing, while nights were spent relaxing with a nice cold beer.

We got in on Thursday morning after two days on the road. The first couple of days we debated about how long we planned on staying. It was very hot and we hadn’t yet mastered our shade set up. But we did eventually and the plan was to stay for at least a week, maybe more.

Just relaxing with a beer!

By Saturday I was up on a board! The break here in Scorpion Bay is legendary. Many gringos have been traveling down here for 20+ years to surf these waters and you can see why.

These waves go on for days…

There are three point breaks and we heard many stories about a few people that have surfed from Third Point all the way to First point. That is over a mile of riding. An average wave ride is between 5 to 10 seconds; this ride would have to be over a minute long. Insane if this actually happened… ☺ Jamie never accomplished that feat but he did have some of the longest rides of his life!

On Sunday, Jamie decided to try his hand at fishing. He asked the locals where to go and they told him just past the rocks at First Point. So, with his hat strapped to his head and the poll strapped safely to his board, he headed out to catch me some dinner! Unfortunately for us he came back empty handed. The next day he decided to try his luck at Second Point, just beyond the lineup. This would prove to be a smart decision because he came back with not one but two fish! Winner winner Fish for dinner!!


Jamie’s first catch on the Standup!

Our neighbor Eric, was taking a short holiday with his family. They are from Todos Santos and Eric just happens to own a restaurant there, he gave us some pointers on how to make a bomb ceviche with the fish that we caught. So, with one fish we made ceviche and the other we just threw in a pan with some salt and pepper. The cooked fish was A-mazing! We made some fabulous fish burritos with black beans and yummy homemade mango salsa. Unfortunately the ceviche didn’t turn out how we had hoped it would. We had regretfully forgotten to ask just how much lime to use and ended up completely submerging the fish, which made it super bitter. Oh well, live and learn huh?

Chopping up the fish for our ceviche dinner

We got really lucky with our neighbors. Just like buying a house you have to be very selective with where you choose to set up camp because the last thing you want is neighbors that get wild and crazy all night long and don’t respect the area. Before Eric and his family showed up we were neighboring with Gregor and his friend Conner. Both guys are from California and are super cool. We hung out and talked with them for hours. Gregor gave us the skinny on San Juanico.

After a few more days of relaxing a big Fuso with a backwards camper pulled into camp and we couldn’t help but stare. Of course we decided we needed to find an excuse to talk with these people. We had to refrain from hopping in the 4runner and following them all the way to their campsite. We lost site of them the first night but lucky for us they moved camps the second night and were just a football field away. Now to figure out a way to talk with them…

Luckily Jamie happened to run into the man out in the water. They got to talking and he invited Jamie and I over to take a look at the rig. Sweet! We’re in!

After spending some time with Robert and Martine they invited us to travel down the coast a bit to explore some untouched Baja Coastal Territory. We were more than excited to hang out and learn some stuff from people that have been traveling the world for the past 7 years!

With the invite we packed up and headed South! Keep your eyes peeled for the next post on Bahia Magdalena and our adventures with kookynet.net!


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6 thoughts on “7 Days, One Spot, Scorpion Bay

  1. Cant tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts and seeing the pics! Definitely inspiring! So nice you guys are catching fish already!!! have fun in mag bay, I hear there are lots o’ fish there!

      • Hey yes , Gea told me she got the wine (awesome labels!!) and rosaries. Thank you!! Im still in Chicago, should be here for another few months. Gea and I are working on setting a date – its looking like mid to late January. I was thinking it would be later in the spring but I dont know if we can wait – looks like you guys are having a great time!! Hope to see you guys sometime in February/March…..

      • Oh I’m glad you got them. Good! Stay in Chicago and make money so that you guys can hit the road. Just set a date and have everything ready by that date. Its that simple! 😉 We look forward to seeing you on the road!

  2. Greg and I are love your blog and all the meaty details of your exploits. Sounds like you are having a blast. Kelly, I admire your gumption to learn how to surf. You go girl!

  3. yo, jamie its cameron i see how good the trip is going, just wanted to lay down some more fishing tips so you can have cevichve for the whole trip!! when your out surfing look for any types of seaweed like big paddies of it. fish hold on those and use them as markers, fish any types from yellow tail to barracuda to bonita to anything that swims. throw those crocodile lures and those plasticaits and let them hit the ground swim them and jig them keep them down:) use those crocodiles more in a fast action ! throw them let them sink and start reeling in a slow motion let them stop for 1 sec every other turn of the reel!!! also, throw those swim baits just past the waves or as far as you can if there is sand there is halibut!! miss you guys and reina !!

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