Todos Santos: A Day in the Life

Jamie and I realized today that we will have been in Todos Santos for a month on the 21st and let me just say that we have really gotten used to this slow living thing.  We are seriously enjoying every moment of it.

The other day we were hanging out with some friends and one of them mentioned how crazy it was that the things that used to be everyday items are now luxury.  Even walking into a giant luxury resort was difficult because it was too much, too grand and too sanitary. I even felt the need to whisper.

This conversation made me appreciate our little casita that much more. I’ll be honest, when Jamie told me that he wanted to stay here for a while I was a little apprehensive.  I felt that we hadn’t traveled nearly far enough. I couldn’t believe it, we had only been on the road for two weeks and he already wanted to stop.  However, once I opened myself up to the idea, I came to realize how great it is to really slow down.

Our days here are spent at a snail’s pace.  Most mornings we wake just before the sun rises and get ready for our run through the hills.   Jamie makes coffee and checks his email while I stretch.

After our runs we make breakfast.  Today we tried out a new favorite, Tortilla Mexicana.  It is basically a thick potato omelet with onions and peppers.

Tortilla Mexicana. We had this at a local store and decided that we could make one ourselves! So yummy.

Some days we hang out at home, out of the sun all day.  Jamie works and I research mainland Mexico for our next stops.

Other days we head out to the playa so Jamie can get in a surf session and I can jump in the refreshing, clear water.

In the evenings we take Reina down to the beach were she likes to chase crabs. It is hilarious to watch.  She spots a crab right in the opening to his hole and then bolts.  She sticks her nose in the hole digs like crazy.  She repeats this nose in hole dig like crazy act, until she 1) gets bored or 2) finds the crab.  Sometimes the crab scurries away behind her with out her knowing and other times she spots it.  Once she sees the crab she pounces.  She has only actually caught a crab twice and both times she ate them.

Taking Reina for an after dinner walk.

Reina digging for crabs. Note all of the other holes she dug.

The beach is a ten-minute walk from our house and we like to head down just before sunset.  It is so peaceful at this time of day.  There still aren’t many people around so we usually have the beach all to ourselves.

We’re the only two people on the beach every night. Its fabulous…

A big highlight of our day is going grocery shopping in town.  I know what you must be thinking and no, we have not gone crazy.  Well, maybe a little.

We’re not crazy, I swear.

No really, Jamie and I love to head into town.  It gives us a chance to explore the town a little more and practice our Spanish.

Every time we go into town we find something new and often times we will take a little detour to explore a street we hadn’t turned down yet or take a picture of a door that we have always admired.   We are taking advantage of the fact that we are here for more than just a few days.  Staying in Todos Santos has given us the chance to really get to know the ins and outs of the town and its people.

Cool old building on our way into town that is just begging to be restored.

We know that we will not always have the opportunity to find the secret hole in the wall organic market in every town. Or get a second chance at eating at the best Taco Stand because the fist time we drove by it was cerrado.

All of these things make me appreciate our little Casa Elegante that much more.  Everyday I am more and more thankful for this amazing opportunity.

Peace and Love,


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