Mrs. D Visits Todos Santos

Well we have only been on the road for less than two months and we already had our first visitor! My mom, Benna!

She was very worried about us and our trip, so the second she found out that we had rented a place she booked a flight. 🙂

As you know we took out the back seats in the 4runner so we had to get a rental car.

Jamie hanging out in the rental! Ahhhhh gotta love that AC

The first thing we did when we got in was turn on the AC! Haha Ahhhhh the simple pleasures in life.  For those of you that didn’t know, we don’t have AC in the runner, so getting to ride in a car with AC is a real treat.

On our way to pick up my mom we stopped at Costco and Walmart to pick up some things for us and for some friends in Todos Santos. We still can’t get over the view from the Costco parking lot.

View from Costco parking lot in Cabo Can Lucas

Finally after all of our stops we get to the airport and pick up my mom!

Big hugs for my mom at the airport!

Of course, first thing we do once we get into Todos Santos is grab a margarita.   One of the many great things about having my mom in town is the excuse to indulge.  We’ve been living on a tight budget these past few weeks and haven’t allowed ourselves the luxury of going out to dinner or grabbing a drink at one of the restaurants. It also gives us the chance to explore more of the town and see things through her eyes.

Stopped for margaritas on the way home

The first night my mom was in town we definitely indulged! We made a big pasta dinner with veggies and one of our signature salads.  Of course we washed dinner down with margaritas followed by wine and homemade chocolate chip cookies!

Having fun on my moms first night in town! Yummy pasta and salad.

When my mom asked if we needed anything from home we didn’t hesitate to give her a list and on the top was homemade cookies.  Now, we were semi joking about the cookies because my parents are in the middle of selling their house and moving, so we knew the last thing my mom would be able to do is bake.  But my mom has some pretty awesome friends and her friend Betsy took it upon herself to make us some cookies! Boy were they fabulous.  Thank you again for the yummy cookies Betsy.  You’re the best!

Me enjoying some delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies

The next morning we all woke up a big foggy eyed but still managed to pull ourselves out of bed to take a hike.   It was a hot one! We only made it to the wash before deciding that my mom didn’t sign up to be tortured.

My mom, Jamie and Reina before our hike, little did they know we were going to be baked by the sun in a few minutes.

My mom and me on the hike

After a yummy Tortilla Mexicana, this time with sausage, we packed up and headed to Cerritos.  Our rental car didn’t have a rack, so Jamie made himself a nice little seat in the back of the 4runner.  That way we were able to take his boards with us to the beach.

My turn to ride in the back of the 4runner! It was actually pretty comfy. 🙂

After hanging out on the beach for a couple hours we made our way back into town.   We stopped in at the pescaderia to pick up some fish but they were out, so we settled for some fresh shrimp instead.  With shrimp in hand we knew what we had to make…shrimp tacos!!  We make the best shrimp tacos ever. Seriously. The BEST.   So good that my mom actually had two tacos, which is unheard of.

That night we actually got into bed at a decent hour and were up bright and early for another hike.   This time we made it up to the plateau and got some good pictures.   After the hike and another yummy breakfast we took my mom to Las Palmas.  A beautiful beach set between two mountains.  To get there you have to take a dirt road on private land.  Because of the way the beach is set up the man that owns the land basically owns the beach.  He is nice enough to open up this road to travelers and locals, so that they can enjoy the beach and fresh water stream that runs right into the ocean.  After the dirt road you park your car, grab your belongings (all of them because numerous cars have been broken into here) and make the trek through a palm forest that opens up right at the beach.

My beautiful mom at Las Palmas

While my mom and I lounged under the umbrellas, Jamie decided he would take the pole out and try to catch us some dinner.  He was out for all of 30 minutes and made it in just before a big wave crashed right where he was standing.  No fish but we got Jamie back in one piece. I’ll take it.

Friday night was the big launch of the Baja Perma website, Robert’s little baby that he’s been working on for months. is a website that was created to connect people that are Permaculture enthusiasts and inform people that are interested in or want to become more knowledgeable in permaculture.  (Now I could go off about Permaculture right now but this post is all about my mom, so you’ll just have to visit to find some more info!)The launch was a success!  We enjoyed some yummy food, had some good beer and even better conversation with awesome people.

The Saturday was my mom’s last full day in Todos Santos. The night before we had promised Robert and Martine that we would join them for lunch and a dip in the pool.  So, at 11:30 we packed up a yummy salad and some towels and headed up to Robert and Martine’s place.

Martine is an amazing cook.  She made us a fabulous fish lunch with homemade tzatziki sauce, and rice.  My mom couldn’t get enough of the rice and I couldn’t get enough of the tzatziki sauce.  After two plate fulls and a full bottle of wine we made our way into town and walked around for a bit.  We made it through town and into a restaurant called Tequilla Sunrise, just before the rain started to really pour.  We sat down looked at the prices and settled for a beer.  It was my mom’s last night so we were only willing to indulge a tiny bit.

On Sunday we packed up the car early in hopes of finding a taco stand on the way to the airport so my mom could have one last taco.  Then we had just enough time to stop and take a peak at the waves before we put my mom on a plane back to San Diego!

A little stop on the way to the airport to check out the waves

We’ll miss you mom!

We had so much fun with my mom and look forward to when both my parents can come down for a longer visit!  See you soon Dad!


5 thoughts on “Mrs. D Visits Todos Santos

  1. glad you enjoyed the cookies – I am so glad you all had a good time visiting with Mom – when you get in a cool place we may join your mom and dad! But you know me… probably have to stay in a hotel for a night or two – me and camping?????? 🙂

    • Maybe Belize for my birthday!? I promise I wont make you camp. We were thinking about letting people stay in 4runner when they come to visit. Kinda like a “Day in the Life”, so you can live how we are living! 😉 Miss you mucho, tell Ray and the boys hi!

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful time – now I totally understand the meaning of Slow Livin…and so beautiful!
    You two are great hosts and make some killer food…shrimp tacos…yum!! Fresh salza…warm tortillas…cold beer…a girl could really get used to that.
    And was happy to meet your friends Robert and Martine, I really enjoyed their company.
    And yes Kellee, no more worries 🙂 Can’t wait for the next time!
    Miss you both!

  3. You and your mom have the same beautiful smile! Great to meet you two in TS, hope we can take you up on those paddleboard lessons somewhere on the mainland–maybe La Media Luna?? hugs, steph & juan

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