San Blas…Home of Every Mosquito on Earth.

We pulled into San Blas in the afternoon and went straight for the beach. We let Reina run around while we checked out the scene.  All in all our initial thoughts were that it wasn’t that great. There were no waves and the water was a little dirty. We got Reina back in the car and headed over to Coco Loco which is an RV park just down the street from the beach.  We paid for a night with plans to discuss our options in the morning.

Making dinner at Coco Loco

Coco Loco is all grass and it sits on the edge of the mangroves.  It was basically a breeding ground for mosquitoes and I do not like mosquitoes.  They sure do love me though!  So I spent all day in a long sleeve shirt and pants.

Alright, I’m done complaining about the mosquitoes.  Our adventures in San Blas weren’t all mosquitoes and mushy waves, we had a blast exploring the surrounding area.  Jamie had read about the “longest wave in the world”, which just so happened to be a 10 minute drive from where we were.  So we hopped in the car one day and went out in search of this extraordinary wave.

Which way? Left or right?

Found a nice little beach on our excursion.

This wave is found in a bay and the day that we were there it wasn’t working but you could definitely tell that when the swell is right it could be epic. We kept driving past the bay and got some great off-roading in.  While on the road we ran into a guy that was looking for a good fishing spot.  Jesus is from the US and decided to retire in Tepic, Nayarit, the biggest town near San Blas.  He was just heading south and asked if we wanted to follow him to a spot that gets surf occasionally. We could pass up that offer so we got in the 4runner and followed him.

Jesus leading the way

Nothing but palm trees all around us

We followed the main road south for a bit before turning off onto a dirt track.  It was amazing.  The jungle is so lush and green compared to Baja.   We followed Jesus deeper and deeper into the jungle before coming out onto some cliffs overlooking a deserted beach.  Unfortunately there weren’t any waves but Jamie and I both decided that the journey was worth it.  From that point we parted ways with Jesus with plans to look him up if we were ever in his neck of the woods again.

A little peak of the ocean

The treasure at the end of the road.

On the way back Jamie was just itching for some waves and I was starving so we stopped in a little town with restaurants all along the water.  It just so happened that there was a bit of a wave breaking right in front of the restaurants. So, we ate some lunch and parked the car in a nice grassy area right along the banks of a river that flowed into the ocean.  Jamie surfed while I played with Reina in the river.

The next morning we packed the car and Jamie got a little more work done.  We got on the road and decided to check out the bay one more time just in case.  There wasn’t a big swell but there was definitely enough of a wave to ride.  We had some yummy fish tacos, put our suites on and got in the water.  We had a blast.  Jamie pushed me into a few waves and I actually rode the longest wave of my life! J

There are hammocks that sit just above the water, pretty relaxing if you ask me

A rocky island just off shore in Matachen Bay

Waves that go on for days

After we got done surfing it was getting a little late to drive all the way to Sayulita so we stayed the night at a little place on the beach in front of a restaurant.  We bought some fresh salsa fresca and chips from the restaurant and made some yummy veggie burritos before hitting the sack.

Our camp for the night in Aticama

Reina and me at the beach in Aticama

Jungle cliffs that drop straight into the water.

The next morning we got up early and hit the road for Sayulita.