2 Months In!


Wow, I can’t believe that we’ve been in Baja for two months.  As the saying goes, Time flies when you’re having fun! Not only have we been having fun but we have also been learning so much.  Learning about the local culture here in Baja and also about each other.

As most of you know Jamie and I have never lived together.  In fact for the last 6 months before we left for this adventure Jamie was living an hour away from me and we probably saw each other once every two weeks. So, not only have we been learning to live on the road in foreign lands we have been learning to live with each other.

Just one of many from a “photo shoot” at Cerritos

We have had our ups and our downs. One thing about moving from separate homes to living in a car together is that you don’t have anywhere to run.  We are forced to communicate and work through things right then and there.  Just this fact alone has made me a better listener and communicator.  You learn to know when the other needs time and space.  At home you would go to another room, on the road “space” means looking out the window instead of out the windshield.  Even our little casita isn’t big enough to allow stewing.

Our home on wheels

These past couple months have really opened our eyes. There are things I’ve learned about Jamie that I honestly wish I hadn’t (things that are inescapable when you live in such close proximity to one and other that we don’t need to go into, you’re welcome) and things that I can’t believe I didn’t know.

On top of all that, we threw a dog into the mix! Haha We both grew up with dogs but had never had one that was solely our own. I still think that we are crazy for taking Reina on this trip but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Having her on this trip not only keeps us safe but also in shape and she brings so much joy into our lives every day.

Our little Wiggle Monster! Shes a crack up

We have grown so much closer in these two months than we did in the 2 ½ years prior to leaving.  Jamie is my best friend and I look forward to spending the rest of this crazy adventure with him, living, learning and loving on the road!

lovies on boat

We got some waves and smiles from the Captains for this one 🙂


5 thoughts on “2 Months In!

  1. Kellee & Jaime –
    Thank you both for keeping the postings going. I confess, it’s so much better following the adventure of someone you know rather than living your dreams through strangers!! It’s always exciting to get an email saying you’ve updated. I’ve worried about you both (yes even you Jaime) like my own son. I know you’ve worked hard to prepare for this trip and am so happy to see the pictures and get the updates of your dream finally coming to life!
    xo xo
    Carolyn Alvarez

    • Hey Steph- Thanks, I’m sure you understand what I’m saying. 🙂 We haven’t even left for La Paz yet. haha Don’t know if you heard but a little Hurricane named Paul came roaring past us Monday and Tuesday. It was supposed to touch down in Bahia Magdalena but we’ve been without internet so don’t know if it did. It was the worst rain we have seen yet… No gas and power was out for hrs. Didn’t you say that you bring rain? Why did you leave it here? 😉 Hopefully we’ll see you guys on the mainland soon!

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