Playa Tecolote

On the Saturday morning after Hurricane Paul we packed up the 4runner and hit the road for La Paz and Mainland Mexico.  As much as we love Todos Santos and all the people we’ve met there it was finally time to say goodbye.

On the road out of Todos Santos… we’re sad can you tell?

As soon as we got into La Paz we headed for Walmart.  We had a list of stuff we needed and were in a time crunch because we had to leave Reina in the car.  We parted ways as soon as we got into the heavenly air-conditioned store, the only reason I step foot in Walmart in La Paz is for the air-conditioning, and planned to meet up front with all our goods.

After Walmart we drove along the malecon, decided to park and let Reina play in the crystal clear La Paz waters.  The water here on the Sea of Cortez is breathtaking, even in the marina.  We stopped for only a couple minutes before heading to the beach to set up camp and jump in the water.

I guess you can rent kayaks in the marina

Reina is officially a water dog! Woohoo!

We got to Playa Tecolote at around 2pm and set up camp immediately.  No time to waste because the beautiful azure ocean was calling.  After camp was all set up and we got a good lunch in us we hit the water with the paddleboards to explore the point.  Reina is doing so well with the paddleboard now.  She jumps right on with Jamie.

Jamie setting up camp

Jamie admiring the view from camp

The water is so clear here that you can see all the way to the bottom, even though it was deeper than the length of my paddle.  There were so many pretty fish and tons of sea urchins.  Jamie wanted to try one but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

We paddle through the clear waters around the point and discovered a long deserted white sandy beach.  We paddled up to the beach, hopped off the boards and jumped in the water.  The only thing we were missing was water and comida.  We hung out at the beach for only about 20 mins before heading back around the point.

Our very own beach

That night we made some carne asada and hit the sack early, with plans to get a good nights sleep and wake-up for a sunrise paddle to the deserted beach.  Unfortunately the bar by the mountain had other plans and kept us up all night with their thumping norte musica and light show.  Needless to say we didn’t quite make it up in time for the sunrise paddle.

While we were getting ready for our morning at the beach around the corner we heard then spotted a helicopter flying very low over the beach and eventually landing in front of the restaurants down the beach.  The two gentlemen that were in the helicopter stopped to ask us a question and we got to talking.  As it turns out there was a group of 200 swimmers, some of which were famous Mexican swimmers, swimming from La Paz to Pichilingue and back, for breast cancer awareness.  The helicopter guys were getting video of the swimmers.

After our chat and some breakfast we filled our waterproof bag and hit the water.  While we were paddling out the first four swimmers rounded the bend.  They were doing a relay; two swimmers were in the lead boat while the other two were swimming.  When the captain blew a whistle the swimmers would get on the boat and the other two would jump in and start swimming.  Some of the boats had music and were yelling at us and taking pictures of Reina on Jamie’s board.  They just loved the fact that we had a dog on a paddleboard.  I also, think that they loved the paddleboards themselves. One guy said he hadn’t seen anything like it and was amazed by it.

We spent a few hours at the beach just swimming and lounging.  It was great for Reina because she could roam freely without us yelling at her to stop jumping on children or stealing people’s food. Haha

Reina’s beach!

The water felt so nice after the long paddle in the sun

Reina did a little rock climbing while Jamie and I played in the water

After we got back to the car, Jamie decided to take the fishing poll out and try to catch us some dinner.  I spent the day writing and playing with Reina in the water. Lucky for me Jamie came back an hour later with a nice big cochita on the line! I love my man!

We didn’t have any ice so we left the fish on the line and let it swim around just off shore, which turned out to be a hit with the kiddos. While we were hangin out with the kids a man came over to get them and explained that their younger sister had been stung by a sting ray and needed to be taken to the doctor. So we bid our little friends farewell and thanked the lord that we had been spared.

However, an hour later it turns out that the thanks came a little too early because I ended up getting stung by a stingray.  Yes, that’s right a stingray stabbed me with his little tail.  I don’t know why they call them stingrays.  They should be called stab-rays because that’s what they do.  They stab you with their tails, then swim off like nothing ever happened and you’re left writhing in pain.

When I first saw the wound it was gushing blood and looked about ½ long.  I was more scared than anything with thoughts of hospitals and foot amputations running through my mind.  As the nerves wore off the pain set in and let me tell you that getting stabbed by a stingray is painful.  It was also the weirdest thing I have ever felt.  You can feel the poison flowing into your veins and the area form the tip of my big toe to just before my heal was pulsing and twitching.

As I hobbled to a beach chair Jamie went into full hero mode.  He started filling up a pan with water and got it on the stove before I even sat down.  Then he grabbed the vinegar and poured it on the wound, which as it turned out, was just a tiny little hole.  Once the water was hot enough he poured it in a bucket and had me stick my foot in it.  It was sooo hot and took the pain from the stab away instantly.

This is the only picture that we got of the stab-ray incident. As a side note, we used every remedy in the book to ease my pain, including pee. Yes, Jamie peed on my foot. Nothing like a little pee to bring two people closer.


After about 5 pan fulls of hot water I was feeling better but my foot was still swollen and I couldn’t walk. So Jamie had to pack up and get ready for our departure in the morning alone.  In my mind there is nothing worse than being benched and unable to help.  I’m not good at playing the sick partner role.

Finally a couple hrs later I was able to stand on my foot enough to make dinner and climb into bed.  We got in bed as soon as the sun went down because the next morning we had to hop on the ferry to Mainland Mexico!

The beautiful Sea of Cortez

One thought on “Playa Tecolote

  1. Hey guys! Looks like your’re living the dream… Besides getting peed on:). We have our appointment @ ABC vet on Monday, then crossing next week! Thanks again for the contact, hope we see you on the road!

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