Happy Thanksgiving, from Guanajuato

We reluctantly left the sun, sand and waves of Sayulita early on Saturday morning after a long night out with our friends from Southerntiptrip.  They are some super cool people driving down to Chile in a caravan of 4 sprinter vans.

Enjoying our last night out in Sayulita with the gang from SouthernTipTrip.

From Sayulita we drove the 5 hrs to Lake Chapala and spent the night at Roca Azul, a super nice RV park right on the edge of the lake. It was beautiful. There was a big youth group camping there and they seemed to be having a blast, playing games and listening to music. It reminded me of my summers spent at Hume Lake.

Beautiful Lake Chapala

The futbol field at Roca Azul RV Park

The next morning we packed up and took the scenic route along the lake in order to bypass going into Guadalajara. The towns along the lake were so cute. They reminded us of Lake Arrowhead or Big Bear. We noticed a lot of gringos while driving through town and later found out that these lake communities are home to the largest number of gringo expats in Mexico. I guess it has something to do with the climate, which pretty much never changes.

Once we made it past Lake Chapala, I pretty much forced Jamie to stop in Tequila, Jalisco. Unfortunately for me it was the weekend of the Revolution so all Jamie wanted to do was get out of the town and away from the crowded streets. I can’t blame him, it is really intense driving those streets when it isn’t a big Holiday weekend. Needless to say we didn’t have any Tequila Adventures (STT shout-out!) in Tequila, Jalisco but we did have some yummy tacos!

When we finally made our way into Guanajuato, the Garmin that Jamie’s dad bought for us really came in handy and we made it all the way to our apartment without getting lost. It took us about 30 mins to get into the place because of technically difficulties but when we did we fell in love.

The entrance to our apartment

Our apartment is one of 7 that make up what used to be one big house. We think that the garden out front used to be the pool. There are steps leading up to and away from a standing door that can’t be used anymore and it is shaped like a pool. Very cool.

The apartment is in the perfect location. We are not right in town, which keeps the noise down, but we are only about a 15 minute walk into the zona centro. Guanajuato is built in a ravine and all the streets and walkways are either uphill or down. We are definitely getting a good workout every time we head into town. The streets and intersections were built into a tunnel system that goes through town.  I believe that the reason behind this was to keep the air pollution down. It is because of these tunnels that we are grateful for our parking space at the apartment.

Zona Centro

We have spent the past 4 days exploring Guanajuato and meeting up with some friends that were in town.  On Monday night we met Bernie and Linda, a couple we had met in Sayulita, for dinner and drinks in one of the plazas in town. After dinner they took us up to the apartment that they had rented for the week. OMG! That place was amazing! It was 3 bedrooms and 2 floors, with a beautiful garden on the roof. We thought that it would be a perfect place for a big group to rent for a week.  Bernie and Linda are so fun and we were so happy that we got to spend some time with them while we were here.

Out to dinner with Bernie and Linda

Today, Thanksgiving, we went for bagels and then head into the hills surrounding Guanajuato, to let Reina off the leash for a bit. She is not used to this city life and always having to be on a leash. She is definitely a beach dog! The hills surrounding GTO are beautiful, quite and really gave us a chance to reflect on our journey so far and all the things that we are grateful for. We still can’t believe that we are on this journey and are so thankful to have found a partner with the same dreams and desires. We are also thankful for the friends and family that have that have and still are supporting us while we are on this journey of a lifetime. If it weren’t for your encouragement and acceptance of this trip, we may not have taken the leap.

Reina, so excited to be free again!

Jamie on the hike with Guanajuato in the background

We love you all and hope that you are having a Happy and healthy Thanksgiving! Eat lots of pumpkin pie and yummy sweet potatoes for us!