Nothing but Sun, Sand and surf in Sayulita

From the moment we pulled into town here in Sayulita we knew we were going to love it. We did get a little turned around though and almost passed the town altogether. Luckily we didn’t miss it because it is definitely the perfect spot.

Bienvenidos a Sayulita

The first things we noticed were all the restaurants.  We love trying new food and couldn’t wait to try out all the restaurants. We also noticed the fact that there was a younger crowd here which is cool considering the fact that the last few couples we had met living down here were all retirees from up north.  Good to know that there are more people down here that are closer to our age and living it up.

After we got through the centro we drove around looking for a place to stay.  A guy we had met the night before in Aticama had given us directions to a spot to camp but after driving in circles for 15 mins we gave up on the free camping and settled for an awesome RV Park, called Sayulita Trailer Park & Bungalows.

Our fabulous campsite

We can see the ocean from our site

This place is fabulous.  At $250 pesos a night it’s a little on the expensive side but definitely worth every penny. We have wi-fi, clean bathrooms and showers, and two washing machines that we can use. Plus it’s right on the beach, so Jamie can get up and surf first thing in the morning and I can take Reina for a run on the beach.

Thanks to Kylee for getting this sweet shot of Jamie on a wave

She is definitely enjoying the grass

First spot in town has the best tacos al pastor and they are only 10 pesos each!

The day after we got in we were joined by two more over landing couples.  Anaka & Ken from 30forthirty and Kylee & Joe from patagoniaorbust. Anaka and Ken drove all the way down here from Alaska in their Ford Ranger with Skamper on the back.  Kylee and Joe got ahold of an awesome Toyota Tacoma with a camper on back that the guy that bought it from had made himself.  Both rigs are pretty sweet and I will admit that I get a little jealous when I see actual beds in the backs of these campers. Oh well, next trip!

Kylee, Anaka and me cookin up some coconut shrimp and fried plantains

Ken and Joe enjoying some margies and chips & salsa while waiting for dinner

We had been keeping in touch with Anaka and Ken for about a week before we met them here.  They took the TMC ferry over from Baja with Kylee and Joe, and then booked it straight down to Sayulita from Mazatlan.  It’s been so fun hanging out with these 4.  I love getting to meet people that we’ve been following since the start of their journey.  Lots of stories are shared and more are made.

Jamie with his fish! Yummy fish tacos for breakfast that morning.

We’ve spent the last few days just relaxing on the beach and heading into town for groceries or yummy street tacos.  Last night for Halloween they had the whole centro set up for the kiddos.  There were treats and games and tons of little mummys and pirates running around.  Today is the first day of Dia De Los Muertos or Day of the Dead.  I’ve been told that tonight the families will all get together to celebrate their family members that have passed.  They bring the deceased their favorite foods and lights candles on their graves.  Jamie and I walked to the cemetery and everybody was there cleaning the graves to make them look nice for the celebrations tonight.

Joe and Kylee brought a slackline with them. We set it up between two palms and had some fun!

We are planning on hitting the road on Saturday.  Unfortunately both of our REI sleeping pads have holes so we’ve been waking up in the middle of the night to re-inflate them.  We plan on stopping in Puerto Vallarta on the way inland to hopefully pick up a mattress pad or tempurpedic pad and then towards our next stop, Guanajuato!

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