Still in Sayulita

According to the end of our last post we should be in Guanajuato right now, but as you can see by reading the name of this post, we haven’t left Sayulita.  We just couldn’t bring ourselves to leave the coast just yet.

After we said goodbye to our friends Joe and Kylee from Patagoniaorbust we enjoyed a couple days of solitude before three sprinter vans pulled up.  These three we part of a quad called SouthernTipTrip and they are heading down to Chile. I had heard about them from Ken and Anaka, and didn’t waste any time introducing myself. The fourth Sprinter left Canada a few weeks ago and should be in Sayulita soon.  These guys are so fun and I’m excited to meet the last of their crew.

Gangs all here! You can see are little 4runner peaking out in the back.

Last week I signed up to take some Spanish lessons and convinced the STT crew to join me. So on Monday we packed up our school supplies and headed over to La Esquela Costa Verde. I’ll admit it was hard getting up that morning with somewhere to be, but I have loved every minute of it so far.

I originally found out about the classes at Costa Verde International School online while searching for Spanish lessons in the area.  I was immediately drawn to this school because part of the money from taking the class goes to scholarships to help enroll more kids in the school. Then once we got into town we met Bernie and Linda, a couple from Canada that spend their winters in Sayulita.  Bernie has been taking classes at CVIS for four years and had nothing but good things to say about the school. I heard a few other good things from other people around town and was sold. So far I have learned so much from the teachers at CVIS and am excited to start my second week in school.

Brian, from STT, found out about a cool hike from his teacher so we got the gang and went off to explore.  This hike was pretty awesome. It wound through the jungle and at points you could break off and come out on a deserted beach or cliff overlooking the ocean. Jamie and I are definitely going to do that one again.

View from one of the cliffs on the hike

We are taking time with everything that we do in Sayulita. Jamie and I have really come to appreciate and embrace this simple, slow lifestyle. At times I find myself thinking, “I better get going.” and then I realize that I don’t actually have to get going. I realize that have nowhere to be other than right where I am and I love where I am.

Picking up some fruits and veggies in town

We are staying right where we are until Saturday when we will officially leave Sayulita and head for a little apartment in Guanajuato.

2 thoughts on “Still in Sayulita

  1. Love that you guys are soaking it in still in Sayulita. Say hi to the Sprinter’s for us! Soo funny that Reina still has her buddy tagging along, you might have to take him to Guanajuato which I know you guys will love. We are in San Cristobal at the moment, and enjoying the cool mountain air! Don’t know if you will ever catch up with us?!?! We might be moving to fast….

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