From Sweaty Coast to Goosebumpy Mountains All in a Day

From Zipolite we planned on heading down the coast to Huatulco with the STT crew. We left a little later than the first group and were surprised to see that nobody was at the designated RV Park and for good reason. The place was a dump with no bathrooms and difficult access to the beach. While we were checking it out Sande and Brian pulled up in Smokey and we all made a joint decision to push on in search of a better spot to camp.


While heading south we stopped in a cute little town to have some lunch.  After lunch we continued on to Barra de la Cruz, a spot that Sande had found on the map which also turned out to be the spot that Jamie really wanted to go to check out the waves.  We pulled into Pepe’s Cabanas around 4 and decided that we should get to an internet café and send out an email to the rest of the crew letting them know where we were.

El Burro on the left and Smokey on the right

El Burro on the left and Smokey on the right

Pepe's Cabanas

Pepe’s Cabanas

In the morning the plan was to pack up and get a workout/surf session in before hitting the road again. You have to drive to the beach from Pepe’s  so we packed up the tent, followed the road up and over to the beach.  Once we got to the beach we couldn’t believe our eyes. It was beautiful and completely empty.  There is a lagoon right on the beach and the beach stretched out for miles without a soul in sight.  Jamie and I instantly fell in love and didn’t want to leave. Lucky for us the rest of the STT crew showed up and felt the same way.

Nothing but beach for miles

Nothing but beach for miles

Reina playing on the beach

We spent 3 days in Barra de la Cruz.  In the morning we would eat breakfast at Pepe’s, pack up the rigs and head to the beach for a day full of surfing and lounging.  At one point everybody was in the water on paddleboards, kayaks and surfboards.   I think the locals got a kick out of Doug and Greg surfing the waves on their kayaks.  Every night we would get back from the beach fabulously exhausted from our day of fun.  We also took the paddleboards out into the lagoon to explore a little further.

Bird taking flight Lagoon Lagoon at Barra

Again we left in groups from Barra, Smokey and Vanna left first for San Cristobal while Bruiser, Big Red and El Burro (what we now affectionately call the 4runner) stayed for one more day of surfing.

From Barra we travelled up into the mountains of Chiapas to a town called San Cristobal de las Casas.  The drive to San Cristobal was eventful to say the least.  After a stop at Walmart we headed inland.  It started out like any other drive through Mexico beautiful rolling sand dunes meeting water on one side and gorgeous mountains on the other.  Little did we know that this beautiful calm drive was about to get shaken up.

We crested a hill and pulled onto a long road in the middle of a field with winds blowing so hard that the car shook.  If that wasn’t enough to get our hearts racing, we soon came across two delivery trucks on their sides.  The wind was so strong that cars were being blown over.  We instantly slowed down, wondering if the two giant (compared to us) Sprinter vans were going follow the example of all the semis and pull over to wait it out. They didn’t pull over and we kept on pushing forward at a snails pace.  The whole drive Jamie and I were worried that the surfboards or Yakima were going to be torn from the roof.  We were also afraid that one of our Sprinter friends was going to go over. Finally two hours, 4 overturned semis and a lost and recovered carpet later we were out of the wind storm and back to cruising speed.  San Cristobal here we come!

**I seem to have missed a few good pics from Jamie’s birthday dinner on the last post so I added them below. Better late than never right?