From Ruins, to Country Clubs, to Windy Coasts

We left San Cristobal with one goal in mind, get to the coast for New Years, but we had to make a stop along the way.

Leaving San Cristobal was tough.  It was truly a gem of a place and we didn’t take leaving lightly.  It took us a few hours that morning to decide which route we wanted to take to get to Palenque.  Should we go the long way  and visit Lagos de Montebello or just follow the path of other overlanders and make it a straight shot?

In the end we decided to skip the Lagos and follow the vans all the way to Palenque.

On the way to Palenque we would be passing Agua Azul, a spot where a beautiful blue river flows over limestone, much like the cascadas at Tamasopo.  We had already seen some pretty amazing cascadas while at Tamasopo so we weren’t too keen at spending 100 pesos to see more but decided to stick with the group and go in.  Visiting Agua Azul any other time of the year might be fabulous but we chose to go during the Holidays and that was a big mistake.   There were so many people there that we could barely get a picture in without having at least ten people in the way.  We haven’t had to wait in line to take a picture in a long time.  All in all the 10 minutes we spent at Agua Azul wasn’t worth the money.

Us and a few of our closest friends at Agua Azul

Us and a few of our closest friends at Agua Azul

From Agua Azul we continued on to Palenque.  Most of the camp grounds around Palenque were extremely run down and dirty from all the end of the world shenanigans, so we only spent one night at Mayabell RV park, took a look at the ruins and hit the road to Campeche on the gulf coast of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Overview of PalenquePalenque 1Me PalenqueJamie Palenque

We left Mayabell, with Big Red from STT, a little later than we had planned but thought we wouldn’t have any problems getting to Campeche before dark.   The rest of the group was heading towards Club Nautico, which is about 20 minutes outside of Campeche.

Pool at Club Nautico

After a long drive we ended up at Club Nautico after dark.  There were no lights on, the gates were locked and there was a big sign that said “No Dogs”.  Seeing as we have a dog and Big Red has two dogs, things didn’t look so good.  Jamie and Doug banged on the gate for a few minutes before we decided to drive down the street a little bit in hopes of finding another entrance.  We drove for about 15 mins before pulling over to discuss our options.  It was dark and we knew of another RV Park closer to town.  We all decided that we would try Club Nautico one more time and if we couldn’t get in we would head to the other RV Park.

It was a good thing we tried again because this time we got in!  The guy that runs the gate has a bit of a hearing problem I guess.   Once inside the gate we drove down a big hill and ended up right on the coast.  All the other vans were there, so we pulled into a spot, set up camp and made some margies!


Hard at work at Club Nautico

Hard at work at Club Nautico

The next morning we woke up and got to fully experience Club Nautico in all its glory.  Club Nautico is a Country Club of sorts.  Locals pay a monthly fee and get access to all the club has to offer.  There are tennis courts, a baseball stadium, private beaches, a gym, and an infinity pool.  It was pretty much the nicest place we’ve stayed.

From Club Nautico we spent New Years in Progreso.   Doug and Marcia stopped on the way from Campeche and picked up all the fixins for burgers and fries and we had a big BBQ for New Years.  We camped out in the driveway of the Kitesurfing school in Progreso and were able to use the house for our BBQ.  I manned the fries while Doug was in charge of the burgers and let me tell you, that was the best burger I think I’ve ever had.  I ended up going to be early that night and missed the count down all together.  Oh well!

We left the STT group in Progreso  and hit the road for the two day journey across the peninsula to the Caribbean Coast.

2 thoughts on “From Ruins, to Country Clubs, to Windy Coasts

  1. Hey Kellee and Jamie
    Love the blog. Lily is doing a report on travel in a foreign country and she picked Costa Rica. I hope it is OK she may be using some of your pictures and stories for her presentation.
    We are thinking about you always,
    Keep safe,
    Love, Aunt Mary and the girls

  2. Hi Kel bell and Jamie
    Saw Beanie Mac for lunch yesterday and she gave me your blog info. Just spent the afternoon catching up on all your adventures and I am so happy for you guys! You guys are living your dream and its amazing! Cant wait to see what adventure you blog about next and I luv all the beautiful pics! you guys look so in love !
    lots of love
    Erin Calabrese

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