Yesterday morning Jamie and I went through our same morning routine.  We woke up with the sunrise, I got up to make coffee and take pictures while Jamie stayed in bed to work.  Once Jamie got up I started to make breakfast.  Our breakfast of oatmeal con pasas y miel, was eaten over email reading and returning.

View of the lake from the rim

View of the lake from the rim

After breakfast cleanup and work we decided to take the paddle boards out for a spin on the lake.  We paddled around the edge of the crater lake waving to other travelers floating in inner-tubes and locals doing the wash with lake water.  After paddling against the wind for a solid 30 minutes we pulled up to a deserted beach to take a dip.  The water is so clear that from the dock you can see to the bottom and to be honest, I got a bit nervous jumping in for fear that I would hit a rock at the bottom.   But, the feel of the fresh water flowing over my body is enough encouragement to get me in.

Trying to sail across the lake

Trying to sail across the lake

Back out on the boards in the middle of the lake I glance over at Jamie. I can tell by his giant grin that we are both thinking the same thing.  “We are so lucky” he says to me and I couldn’t agree more.

We are constantly asking ourselves how we got so lucky.  I know it wasn’t just luck that got us to this point but it definitely plays a big role.  We are lucky that we both had good jobs and made enough money that we could save for this trip.  We are lucky that we both had parents that allowed us to live with them, for a few months in Jamie’s case and a few years in my case, to save money.  Also, the encouragement and faith that we got from our parents was amazing.  This trip would not have been possible with out all of these things, plus many more.

View across the lake from camp

View across the lake from camp

A fellow overlander recently mentioned the fact that we get to wake up in a new place almost every morning.  We may have a lot of work to do when we wake up, there might be a load of laundry that we have to hand wash, or a car that needs a thorough cleaning or a dog that needs a little puppy maintenance.  All of these “mundane”, “everyday” things we get to do in a different location, whether it’s on a beautiful beach in Mexico or on the banks of a gorgeous crater lake in Nicaragua.   We are so blessed that we can say that we have cut Reina’s paw nails on a beach in El Salvador and done our taxes at the base of a volcano.   This life that we are living right now is fabulous and we are so thankful to be able to live it.

Camp with our clothes hanging on the line to dry

Camp with our clothes hanging on the line to dry

The lake that we paddled around on is called Laguna de Apoyo and it is a place that really calms and soothes the soul. It is a lake inside of an old inactive volcano and locals told us that there isn’t a bottom to the lake. It just goes on and on.   While we were there I kept mentioning to Jamie that I felt really good.  Something about the water just made me feel clean and refreshed, inside and out.

Being the only people at a campground can encourage good feelings as well.  As I mentioned we would wake with the sun rising over the lake and fall asleep to the sounds of howler monkeys at night.   After our mid morning paddle we would make lunch and the afternoons usually called for a siesta in the hammock under the shade of giant ceda trees.

The camp ground. Can you see the hammocks hanging in the trees?

The camp ground. Can you see the hammocks hanging in the trees?

Laguna de Apoyo is a real gem and we hope that we can make it there again someday.  Lucky for us our journey isn’t over yet.   There are sure to me many more places like Apoyo where we can do our laundry and give Reina a bath.  I’ve said it ten times and I’ll say it again, we are so dang lucky.

3 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Great post guys, you’ve summed it all up!

    We loved Laguna de Apoyo and we were feeling the vibe there too. We probably would have stayed longer if we would have found a better place to camp. Details on the campsite?

    • Thanks!

      I think it would be tough to find someone that didn’t love it there. Just so beautiful and peaceful. We stayed at a hacienda spot called Pajaro Azul, they have rooms as well as the camp ground. We actually got the info from the Laguna de Apoyo visitors center on the rim of the lake. They were awesome there. Jamie had to get some work done and they let us hang out for about an hour with the dogs. They also, contacted Pajaro Azul and worked out a deal for us that included internet use. It was a bit on the expensive side but worth it in the end because we had the whole place to ourselves.

      How are you guys doing? How is it being home?

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