The Tour Continues with Friends AND Family Pt 1

Whew! Time to take a breath.  Since leaving Puerto Viejo we have been going non-stop, visiting and hosting Nate, Sarah & Brady and hanging with family. Let me tell ya we are pooped and yet so rejuvenated.  There is something about seeing family after months on the road that really gets ya going.  I’ll be honest, just before our families arrived I hit the proverbial overlander wall that has been plaguing so many PanAm travelers lately.  I was getting a wee bit tired of the road and a bit homesick.  I think it had a lot to do with saying goodbye to friends that we knew we wouldn’t be seeing for a while.  I’m not good with goodbyes or even “see you laters”, if I could I would hang with ALL of my friends ALL the time.  Now that we’ve said our goodbyes to the last of family I feel as though I could be on the road for at least another year until I get that homesick feeling again.  Since arriving on the Pacific we have pretty much been hanging out in rented houses. Whether it be with Nate and Sarah in Dominical, my friend and her family in Manuel Antonio or our rental here in Mal Pais we’ve really been living large.

How exactly, you ask, have we come upon this “large living”? Well let me explain.   From Puerto Viejo we booked it to the Pacific.  We did the usual pack up the day before and hit the road early so that by the time we were more than halfway to Dominical it was only 2 in the afternoon and a beautiful day at that.  Because it was so nice we decided to forgo the expensive trout farm camping (lets be honest, Jamie and I aren’t THAT into fishing) and push on to Dominical.  The way we saw it we could get to Dominical and find a nice beach camping spot to hang out for a few days before heading down to Pavones, unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans.

Not long after we pressed on past the trout farm we hit a wall of fog so thick that we could barely see where we were going.  After a little debate we convinced ourselves that we were up in the mountains and that once we got down to sea level the fog will have lifted.  As it turned out our convincing didn’t work and we ended up making the turn into Dominical in the pouring rain at about 7pm.  We made our way through a few failed attempts at lodging and eventually settled on a pricey hotel for the night that allowed dogs and included breakfast for two in the morning.   At this point we were pretty worried about finding a decent place to camp or cheaper place to stay to keep us dry and out of the rain.  Welcome to the green season!  Thankfully later that night I checked my email and had a message from Sarah telling us that we were more than welcome to hang with them at their rental.  Score! Little did they know that our short stop over would last a week.   Spending a week in Dominical with our friends was great.  We did the usual get up early make breakfast and head to the beach.  Finally it dawned on us that we had been there a week so we set up a rental in Pavones and bid farewell to Nate and Sarah with plans for them to join us in a couple days.


Photo courtesy of Nate & Sarah! Thanks guys!

Photo courtesy of Nate & Sarah! Thanks guys!

Our house in Pavones was nothing short of spectacular.  It was nice and clean when we arrived with a six burner stove, banana and citrus trees, chickens with fresh eggs every morning AND A/C! I know, I couldn’t believe it either. Jamie’s first couple of days in the famous Pavones surf was mediocre at best.  It was a little flat and according to a couple we met, it had been pretty bad for a few days.  Plus we had just come from Dominical and some of the best waves yet. So, needless to say, Jamie was a little disappointed.  Lucky for us Michael, the owner of the house, lived right next-door and he was able to tell Jamie where the “secret locals only” spot was.  As it turned out this was the OG Pavones surf spot and ended up being amazing.  We spent a week in Pavones before turning around and spending another couple days with Nate and Sarah in Dominical.


Photo courtesy of Nate & Sarah! Thanks guys!

Photo courtesy of Nate & Sarah! Thanks guys!

With two of the best surf spots in Costa Rica behind us we pointed the Burro north to explore another famous area, Playa Hermosa and Jaco.  Playa Hermosa turned out to be a bit of a bust surfing wise but we had a nice place to stay, thanks to a recommendation from Eric and Mickey from Southern Tip Trip.  We stuck around for a bit waiting for my best friend from high school and her family to join us.  They had rented a house in Manuel Antonio and we followed them down there to spend some quality time together.  They had a bunch of fun things planned so Jamie and I held down the fort at the house while they went off to explore the area.  When they got back we made yummy dinners and played games that I hadn’t played in a while.  It was awesome to see my friend and her family.

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