Life on the Road…Northbound

This morning we did something that we haven’t done in some time, we woke up with the sunrise.  It’s our third day back on the road and we’ve fallen into a familiar rhythm.   Get up with the sun and get going.  Jamie, being the morning person that he is, gets out of bed first to check email and start the coffee.  I on the other hand try to push back my waking time with pillows up against the windows and over my head.  I do get up eventually though and it just so happens that the coffee is ready for me the moment I climb out of the back of the Burro.

Sunrise NicaAlthough we had a blast with family it sure feels good to get back to the road and us.   We are getting back to living simply and a little less “large” than we have been.  I went on a run this morning for the first time in WAY too long.  It felt good.  Just me and the road.  I’m sure Jamie feels the same abut surfing, even though he has continued to surf, we’re back in a place where he can just grab his board and go, rather than having to pack the car and drive.


Jamie cleaning and packing up the car, while I upload while we still have good internet.

For those of you that don’t know, we are officially on the road heading North.  That’s right we’ve turned around and decided to drive home rather than trying to sell the burro and fly.  We made this decision because 1) we don’t have a car back home and 2) we don’t want to go through the hassle of flying with Reina.  Some may think that driving all the way back home is way more of a hassle but for us it’s familiar.  Two days ago we were packing up to head across the border into Nicaragua and I wasn’t even researching the border crossings as I had always done in the past.  Because we were going through the same border that we had done before I just wasn’t as worried.  Knowing where we were headed and where we were going to stay really took the strain off as well.

Sleeping ReinaAlthough the boarder crossing was relatively easy we did hit a speed bump.  For the entire three months we were in Costa Rica we thought that we had until June 26th to be in the country.   A couple weeks ago Sarah from thelongwaysouth, sent an email saying that her paperwork said we only had until June 24th to be in Costa Rica.  We had crossed the border together so I immediately jumped up to check our paperwork. I then proceeded to skim over the Vehicle Permit dates and zero in on the Insurance dates.  The insurance was good until June 26th, being that that was the date I wanted to see and completely disregarding what my friend had said, I didn’t question it.


Buh-bye Sandcastle! We had a blast

As you may guess, the gentlemen at the border had other ideas.  Before canceling the vehicle permit we got stamped out of the country.  The guy at the Immigration office didn’t say a word about the fact that we were a day over our stay; he just stamped our passports and sent us on our way.  It was the guys in the Aduana office that had issues.  Even though we tried our hardest to explain that it was a mistake and that we didn’t mean to go over our stay they still charged us $100 bucks before letting us go.  We left the aduana office pretty bummed but kept our spirits high because we know that it could have been worse.  Getting into Nicaragua was a breeze and we’re hangin out back in Popoyo for a few days before continuing North.

2 thoughts on “Life on the Road…Northbound

  1. No way, you guys are heading north? Bummer, because that means we won’t see you guys in South America…hopefully someday we’ll see you elsewhere. Give us a shout if you’re ever in North Carolina 🙂

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