Todos Santos, a Month in Pictures

I had this awesome (at least I thought it was) blog post started. It was all about Todos Santos and how much we love it and how many good restaurants we’ve been going to. However, thats all I did, start it. It’s now sitting in my drafts, half done, and I just don’t have it in me right now to finish it. Instead, I’ve decided to show you, rather than tell you, just how much fun we’ve been having here in fabulous Todos Santos. Enjoy!

When we first arrived into town we stayed at the Todos Santos Inn for 2 nights.  It’s a beautiful hotel with stone archways and multiple seating areas dispersed throughout a lush garden.

During our stay at the TS Inn we contacted our old rental agent along with another agent in town to see what was available. After a couple of failed attempts we stumbled upon a sign on a gate right in town for an apartment for rent and decided to give them a call. We ended up loving the small one bedroom apartment mostly due to the fact that it was right in town. We stayed in that apartment for two weeks before moving to another right down the street.  The second apartment (pictured) had a balcony right over the main drag in town and a little garden area downstairs.  It was perfect with more room for Reina.  It also had an oven and gas stove which was fabulous.

Most days we spent at the beach or inside hiding from the heat.  Occasionally Jamie would go surfing early morning while Reina and I did runs on the many trails throughout the area. We ate out A LOT, got a little too addicted to ice cream and enjoyed every minute of it.

All in all it was another perfect stay in Todos Santos and we are already planning our trip back next year! 🙂