Smokin Hot Mulege y Bahia Concepcion

Mulege happens to be the closest town north of Bahia Concepcion, which is one of the places that I desperately wanted to see the last time we were in Baja.  It was smoking hot, so Jamie and I both decided that it would be a good idea to just shoot down to the first beach we saw to take the paddleboards out, then come back into town and stay the night,  rather than camp in the heat.


The morning after our breakdown we woke early to head to the bay before it got too hot.  I’ll be honest, it was blazing the second we left but you get really good at persevering through the heat in search of adventure. So, although we were drenched in sweat we loaded Reina into the Burro, headed south and turned down the dirt road to Playa Santispac.

I was so excited to visit Bahia Concepcion because i’d heard so many wonderful things about it and it did not disappoint.  A small sandy beach that slowly eases into crystal clear waters in every different shade of blue you can imagine. As soon as we arrived we started unloading the boards and Reina made a beeline for the water.  It wasn’t long before she made a friend and they were rolling around getting sand everywhere.

Play timeReina Ocean

With Reina on Jamie’s board and the car all locked up we made our way out into the calm blue waters.  The water is so clear that it seems a miracle you aren’t hitting the reef below with the fin of your board. We saw so many beautiful fish, a huge manta ray, a couple stingrays playing and kept our eye out for the wale sharks that frequent the area but we were unlucky on that one.

Although it was getting hotter (seemed impossible but somehow it happened) I could have stayed out there for hours. Reina, on the other hand, had another idea.  She decided that she wanted off of the board and jumped into the water when we were nowhere near our beach.  It was a mad scramble to get her back up on Jamie’s board. After a few minutes with Jamie in the water and myself cornering her, she had clawed her way up putting a big gash in Jamie’s hand in the process.  We took her cue and turned the boards around to head back. About and hour later we said goodbye to Bahia Concepcion.

Sunday  afternoon in Mulege was spent relaxing and was much needed after our crazy day the day before and the paddle around the bay earlier in the day.  We drove around, got lunch, went to the bank and just explored the town.  It was hard to tell because it was Sunday, but Mulege seemed like a pretty cool spot.

We enjoyed another dinner at the restaurant that night before turning in early.  The plan for the next day was to get on the road to Loreto and get the 4runner back into real working order before we move from the gulf back over to the pacific.  First stop on the Pacific side? A little town that goes by the name San Juanico aka. Scorpion Bay.  aka the sweet spot. aka Jamie’s other lover. 😉

Stay tuned.

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