The Road East

So, we finished the sprinter, La Ballena, LB, now what?

We don’t have racks yet so going anywhere to surf would be pointless so, we decided to head East. Into uncharted (I guess I like that word…) territory.  But first Jamie needed to get in the water and I needed some time with family and friends. We spent about 4 days out on the coast, Jamie surfed and I ran.  We had beers at our favorite spot and really strong coffee from a little coffee truck called Bump… After camping we picked up another gig house/dog sitting for some family friends/my second parents. During that week we added the grey water tank and worked.

Once the house/dog sitting was done we hit the road south to hang with Jamie’s mom for a few days, after-which we went to Palm Springs to hang with Jamie’s dad. We love being able to visit family and friends and always appreciate the hospitality! 🙂

From Palm Springs we made our way East through Joshua Tree (i’ve always wanted to visit and it did not disappoint)

and the Mojave Preserve (a pleasant surprise).

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