About Us

**Note: We’ve since finished our year long journey through Mexico and Central America as well as a four year stint in happy suburbanite land.  Currently we are on another journey that will bring us through Baja, Mx and back up into the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  But, I just couldn’t bring myself to update our “About Us”.  I think it’s still fitting and describes us to a T. 😉

Here’s a little glimpse into Us



A couple of love birds looking to get a little more adventure than your average daily commute, on a jammed freeway, inching towards work (Sorry Kel). We want adventure, we want freedom, and we want to go explore this world before we get to old dangit!

Our dream didn’t actually start off as a driving adventure, it actually started with Jamie and his dream to backpack throughout Central America.  His dream quickly turned into our dream and from there we started our planning.

While doing some research Jamie came upon a blog about a couple that had driven the Pan American from Alaska to Argentina in a VW Bus.  We thought, “Why not us?”  Why can’t we buy an old bus and drive to South America?

Well, over the past 2½ years we have worked to make their reality ours and after much deliberation we decided to turn a Toyota 4Runner in to our little “home on wheels”.

Traveling has always been a passion of ours and we both want to get out of our comfort zones to learn about the world first hand. Along the way we also plan on volunteering on local farms and helping out at hostels or B n Bs.  We want to get to know every place we visit on an intimate level.


Me_ElMirador_2Kellee     I love exploring and meeting new people. I love the spontaneity and the rush of the unknown.  The idea of breaking free from what has become my normal is exciting and breathtaking. I also enjoy long after dinner walks on the beach and a fabulous cup of coffee.

Mi Amor

JAMIE Jamie is adventure personified.  He is curious about everything and doesn’t hesitate to ask a million questions when given the chance. Surfing is his passion, it keeps him centered and makes him insanely happy. He can fix anything when he puts his mind to it which is extremely sexy, rugged and manly.  I’m pretty sure he can bench press like 400 lbs and does like 1000 sit ups every day.

We are sooo excited to embark on this amazing journey and hope that you enjoy reading about it! Who knows maybe this will be the inspiration you need to set off on your own voyage. 😉

Peace, love and all that good stuff,


4 thoughts on “About Us

      • I was going to tell you that I liked a place just south of Todos Santos but looks like you already made it there. On mainland there is a longboard wave at Saladita, the paddle is kind of far but it is pretty mellow. And my favorite beginner spot by far is just outside of Puerto Escondido at Carrizalillo. Really easy and amazing little beach. I also liked Pavones in Costa Rica. Best of luck and if you get frustrated, get a longer board. Did wonders for me. 🙂

      • Thanks for the info! We will most definitely hit up those spots. 🙂 We have a long board with us so I’m good on that, I just need to work on my skills. I’m not the most graceful person in the world. I’ve been keeping up on your blog. Can’t wait for the posts coming up!

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