Ohhhh Sedonnnaaa

you’ve stolen my heart.

We spent 5 amazing days in Sedona.  I think we hiked more in those 5 days than we have in our lives.   There is something to be said about going to bed every night with a body sore from a day spent moving, breathing in fresh air and soaking in the glorious sunshine.

So far Arizona does not disappoint, we are enamored.

We also took a break from hiking to visit Jerome, Az.  What was once a booming copper mining town of about 15,000 inhabitants is now a small town of about 450 inhabitants with thousands that pass through daily.  Its claim to fame now is as a ghost town complete with an asylum turned hotel/restaurant. We got there at around 8am and it was dead (haha get it?) but by 10:30-11am when we sat down to eat there were cars circling the small town searching for a parking spot. You can take haunted tours all over town and into the old mine but we chose to just walk around.