When it comes to gear there is a fine line between what you need and what you want. There are so many cool gadgets and gizmos out there that would be perfect if we weren’t going to be traveling in the car that is also going to be our home.  So we have finally narrowed it down and are bringing only the essentials.

Custom Swing Out Bumper:
We are lucky enough to know the guys at JD Fabrication and even more lucky to find that they’d be willing to create a custom bumper for us. We needed something to hold all of the big bulky items that wouldn’t fit in the back of the 4runner, ice chest, chairs, propane, etc.  Jamie created a rough sketch of what we wanted and the guys at JDFab took it from there.  We couldn’t be happier with the final product.  For a visual visit our 4runner page here.

Kelty Eden 4- Tent:
From the beginning we knew that we wanted to sleep mostly outside in a tent.  So when picking out our “bedroom” we had to be particular.  We wanted something big and spacious that would pack down easy.  After searching  for a few weeks (and waiting for a deal), we found the Kelty Eden 4 person tent.  This tent is fabulous! First of all it is HUGE, I can almost fully stand up in it.  The roof is transparent so you get the feeling of sleeping under the stars without all the bugs.  It also comes with a tarp that covers the open roof and attaches to the sides of the tent in case of rain.

TS 8.0 Canopy Portable Sun Shelter:                                                                                                            Our Sportbrellas were great but we needed an upgrade and that we did with the Tsuga Canopy that we brought. One of the main issues with the Sportbrellas that we had was that they couldn’t attach to the car very easily or stay put on the beach if there was any wind. So, I was left chasing down umbrellas all day.  This canopy, on the other hand, goes up easy and stays put in any location with any amount of wind. Plus it comes with multiple “wings” that you can attach to create shade and/or privacy.

Yakima Storage Box: We needed more storage space and luckily found this Yakima Storage Box on craigslist. The box fits on the roof of the car to make better use of all that space.

REI Sleeping pads:
We aren’t bringing a mattress pad so we didn’t skimp on the sleeping pads.  These pads are lightweight and fill up fast for a quick and comfortable setup.  Sooo comfortable compared to sleeping on rock hard ground.

Garmin GPS:
We had heard nothing but great reviews about traveling with a GPS and when we finally broke down and got our Garmin Nuvi 3450, we were not disappointed.  We haven’t uploaded many south of the border maps but it definitely gets us from point A to point B up here in the States.   We are excited to test it out on our trip.

ARB Fridge Freezer:
I was so very envious of the travelers we met on the road that had a fridge.  So, we got one and haven’t regretted it.  There is just something about a nice cold water while driving through the desert in a vehicle without AC, can’t beat it.

Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator and Solar Panels:                                                                        We decided to use a solar generator and solar panels to run the fridge. It seemed a waste to be traveling through hot sun-soaked territory and not put those rays to good use. Plus, we learned from those who came before us.  A second battery would work but it was tough to keep it charged.

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